Henry Hadaway Wins Court Case

January 16, 2009 11:30 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Henry Hadaway, Chairman of HHO Ltd, has won a court case dated Thursday 15th January 2009 against Palm Tree UK Ltd, represented by Robbie Moffat Aitken and Mairi Fraser Sutherland at the Willesden County Court (claim no. 8W100124)

The Dispute was in regards to the rights of the original story and the co-writing of the story by HH and RM of the feature film ‘Inside Out’. RM, the defendant, was falsley claiming that the rights of the story and the script are vested in him. HH, the claimant, was successful as the rights owner of the story and co-writer of the script.

HH states that “I am elated on the result. This is the first battle won, however, I hope Palm Tree will see reason and not open Pandora’s Box on themselves and their various companies by trying to negotiate the follow up disputes rather than fight a losing battle”.

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